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Day 15: Perspective

Day 15: Perspective

Day 15: Perspective

<——What do you see?  👀

When pursuing a fat loss regimen or body transformation plan sometimes we lose perspective.

MANY images on social media CAN affect our ability to discern what is possible and what is possible for YOU and your LIFE situation

(or many times, it is just good lighting, a good outfit, and good posing)

Whether it be to LOOK a certain way, or have a certain BODY TYPE, or even just ACCEPT what genetics you have been given.

You get bombarded with mixed messages, of “strong in the new sexy”, “no fat shaming”, and “no excuses”.

The PRESSURE is real.

All these images can put an unrealistic perspective on what is actually takes, under the timeline you want, to get to where you want to be.

A 30-minute infomercial can make getting in shape look so easy!  The reality is that often progress is SLOW, and life frequently gets in the way.

Limitations are inevitable.  There will be bumps in the road.

Being a young 20-something, with ample time to spare is very different than a reality that now includes a job, stress, kids, family, responsibilities, deadlines, and of course…sleep?

Remember that your personal fitness journey is just that–> it is your OWN.

I always tell my clients, “Do your best with what you have, and where you are“.

It might be a longer journey that someone with no limitations, however, you will still get THERE.

(the photo is the world map upside-down)

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