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Day 16: Recovery

Day 16 : Recovery

Day 16 : Recovery = Sleep

You cannot burn the candle at both ends {and in the middle}, or else you will snuff out the flame.

Do you get enough sleep?

I have realized over the years, and some trial and error that I need more sleep than the average person.

I need at least 7-8 hours to function normally, yet 9 or 10 would be make me be a superhero!

Some people function normally on nights of 5-7 hours, however, are they really well rested and recovered?

Sure their are days that I can survive on 5-6 hours, but that might be one or two days at the most, but it always catches up with me.

When your book (or iPad) hits you the face at the end of the day, as you fall asleep so fast, you know you are tired. 😴

I have noticed, on less sleep 😴 , I am :

  • More emotional 😭
  • Have less patience
  • Make poor decisions
  • Lack creativity

..and it is only when I stop moving that it hits me [the tiredness], but if I keep moving I seem to be okay👌 …inertia right?

My world operates better when I get  enough sleep – does yours?

Most times, we do not realize how tired you are until you have a full nights rest of good quality sleep.

I have clients who are shift workers, experience intermittent insomnia, have kids (need I say more), or pre-menopausal. These are just some of the issues that can affect sleep.  Not to mention the busy-ness of the every day stresses, that can keep us awake a night for one reason or the other.

Sleep IS a beautiful thing.

A bedtime routine is recommended.  Take a bath/shower, stretch, turn off emails/social media, read, small snack before bed, and use the 30-60 mins before bed, as a way to prepare for sleep.

This will hopefully lead to better quality sleep, 😴, recovery, and ultimately more energy to CRUSH your workouts.

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