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Day 5 : Self Worth

Day 5: Self Worth

Day 5: Self Worth

Refuse ✋🏼to let your self esteem be determined by how much you weigh on the scale ⚖️.

There are clients of mine who lost weight 👏🏼 , look and feel better, yet I have others who have gained weight (scale weight) and LOOK 😲 completely different.

Your weight can be affected by many variables such as (but not limited) water intake, last meal eaten 🍽, carbs eaten/not eaten, time of day ⏱, training status 🏋🏽, stress level, sleep (and lack thereof) and of course inflammation, and time of the month (TOM anyone?)

Weight goes up and down, and a 1bs increase does not mean you have gained 1lbs of fat.
A 1lbs weight loss does not mean that you have lost 1lbs of fat.

Track your weight/measures over a period of time, say a week or a month.
What you should look for is a downward trend and progress in the gym (see yesterdays post)

Be amazing!

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