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Day 4: Progress

Day 4: Progression

Day 4: Progression

Evidence 🔬of progress in the gym 🏋🏽is a strange thing 😮

In the beginning, you see quick changes but then is a lull 💤

Nothing 👎🏻

You work and work and work and are not seeing the fruits of your labour ⛏⛓

The important part if that you have to keep at it 🚴🏻‍♀️

AND just when you think that NOTHING is happening…

💥💣BAMM 💣💥


Solid results are not an immediate thing, and this is why people never get ‘THERE’.

They frequently start, quit due to {insert reason here}, and slide back into the person/habits they were trying to change in the first place.

Restarts are often, hence they never really experience sustainable results…

…and getting back to that point in which they quit, is frequent.

The moment just before…

🔑Progress 🔑

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