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Sylvie Dubois = SuperMom of 3!

Sylvie, a young mom of 3 children, came to me about a year ago.  She and her daughter signed up for group training.  I think the results speak for themselves.  Sylvie’s body is a now a shadow of her former self.  I remember when we began she could barely do 5 stationary lunges with support – now she can do jump squats, and multiple sets of walking lunges and full body pushups!

She has gone from a size 16 down to a size 8-9!

Sylvie has now set some higher goals for herself, and with her unyielding dedication,  I am confident she will achieve them.


I started gaining weight after the birth of my first child . As years went by and after having a second and a third child, I continued to gain weight.  As I got older, it was only getting worse weight was creeping on and it only got harder to lose. I had tried training before. I trained for a full year but got discourage as I did not see any changes. My first child was getting married and as mother of the bride this meant that many pictures would be taken. I hated to see myself in photos. I hated the way I looked and felt. It was at that time that my youngest daughter told me that her old math teacher was starting as a personal trainer and convinced me that we should both start training together. I had already a very busy schedule with work, school and my son’s sports. The only time I could possibly train on a constant basic was very early in the morning and told myself who would ever want to start working that early in the morning. Well we talk and met with Allison and she planned her schedule to fit us in, at a time that was convenient for me.

I was really worried the first day. I was completely out of shape. How would I survive a training from someone in great shape like Allison. Well I did.  I enjoyed every minute of it and every drop of sweat. Allison took the time to find my weakness and evaluate my overall fitness level. She started us off slowly modifying the exercises so I could also do them. She slowly introduced changes in my nutrition one change at a time and eventually planned my nutrition plan based on my likes and dislikes. She adapted the workout program when I was hurt so I could keep training while also allowing me get better at the same time.

Allison is more than a personal trainer. She is a friend and a great motivator.  She is there to keep you focused and to keep you moving forward.

My family doctor could not believe the changes I went thru in such a short period.  I am even surprised myself at the changes.  I received pictures taken at a party last week and I actually had to look twice at a picture to really realize that it was me in that picture. I could not believe how much I changed.

I now feel in better shape that I ever have been. I have more energy, I feel great and I have so much more confidence.
Thank you Allison, without you there is no way I would be where I am today.

Sylvie Dubois


Sylvie – June 10, 2010
11 Jan 2011
5 June 2011

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