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Sarah Benischek

Bodybuilding.com – $100, 000 Transformation Contest

In 12 short weeks, Sarah was able to transform her body into her best shape ever.   With some guidance, and good programming she set her sights really high. Sarah entered the Bodybuilding.com Bodyspace $100, 000 Transformation challenge.  You are welcome to visit her Bodyspace Profile.

She always stuck to the plan, checked in regularly, we made tweeks and adjustments as necessary to get to her goal.   She was amongst some of the most ‘transformed’ individuals, and ended up taking home 2nd place!
Sarah even set up a photoshoot for herself as a reward for all her hard work.  Some of her photos are posted below in the blog.

Congratulations Sarah – you did an amazing job!


In the summer of 2010 I came across Allison Ethier’s FaceBook page. I was so amazed by her physique that I immediately wrote her a message practically begging her for advice and help! It turned out that Allison was preparing to start an online training service and she was interested in taking me on as one of her first online clients! I was so excited!

Now Allison had her work cut out for her that’s for sure. I was 29 years old, stay-at-home mom of two small children. My first pregnancy in 2004 I gained 60+lbs with my daughter. And my second pregnancy in Dec. 2007 I had gained 70+lbs with my son. I had had a severe injury to my left ankle leaving me with 75-80% range of motion, and later I discovered I had TWO hernia’s that would need eventual repair! When I came to Allison I weighed a 153lbs after packing on 20lbs through the winter and spring. I was currently working out and running on an average of 3-4 days a week! But I was lacking knowledge of the right combination of diet and exercise.

Allison worked steadily and patiently with me for the next three months. I am married to a United States Marine and longed to be fit by Oct. 28, 2010 for our Marine Corps Ball. It’s a formal birthday celebration of the Marine Corps ball where all the ladies get to dress up and wear beautiful gowns! So Allison created a diet and training schedule for me and adjusted it as the date drew nearer. I ended up fitting in a size 2 dress weighing 126lbs and had the time of my life!! And thanks to Allison’s hard work and sincere interest in my goal I got see what it was like to feel FIT and beautiful! Needless to say my husband was thrilled!

Marine Corps Ball Oct. 2010 126lbs (size 2 gown)

Almost 2 days after the ball I had scheduled my operation for my hernia repair surgery. As you can guess my training came to a screeching halt. But Allison stuck with me encouraging me through my recovery period. She even went as far as creating a new diet to aid in my recovery but maintain what progress we had made prior to surgery. For the next 6 weeks I was down for the count. But she never gave up on me. She would check in just to see how I was doing and how the recovery was coming along. And that meant the world to me!

12 pounds later my recovery was finally ending in the middle of December 2010. And of course with New Years steadily approaching I too looked at setting my new goals for the upcoming year. This was it! I happen to be turning the big 30 on New Years as well! I had no time to loose! I couldn’t stand the thought of loosing everything Allison and I had worked towards!

About this time I was introduced to BodyBuilding.com through a friend. And they (BB.com) were having a 12 week Transformation Challenge to kick of the New Year.  After my surgery I was lacking the motivation to what felt like starting ALL OVER again due to my weight gain and limited movement after the surgery. I knew I had to enter this contest. And with Allison’s help, finishing the contest with huge results was possible. I just kept thinking back to before my surgery and that size 2 ball gown!

Jan 11, 2011

27 March 2011


It’s been an tough road! And I am sure I haven’t been the easiest client to work for given my health issues and limited time. But Allison is a fighter! A true champion never says die, and doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit! Even when I felt like giving up on me, Allison would come up with creative tools and ideas to keep me motivated to press on. Her words of encouragement made me push myself further than I ever dreamed possible. And now I have the body I have always wanted. With Allison’s guidance and help I have been able to recreate my body into a solid foundation that we can build upon. And I am just thrilled to see where we take it next!

-I must thank my Lord Jesus Christ for making our bodies with the capability to loose weight and build muscle! Without His masterful engineering none of this would even be possible! He created those healthy and whole foods we need! He is what make all things possible!

He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together. Colossians 1:17

And thank you Allison for all your guidance and knowledge on how to train and diet effectively. I can’t wait to see where we go from here! I am so glad God has crossed our paths! Many many thanks!

May I use what I have learned to further the hope in others! And a spirit of humility never depart from me. As I approach my fitness dreams day by day, may I always remember where I came from and ALWAYS remain approachable!

Press on!

Sarah Benischek

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