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Post Pregnancy Blog – 1 year later

It has been a while since I’ve updated as I play baby all day long. I have been trying to write this blog for months.  Each month would go by and I would have something to add/update, yet time would get away from me, and now here we are 1 year later.  Honestly, I have at times, felt like I was living under a rock. Each week that goes by, I feel more alive, more awake to what is going on around me, rather than in my ‘bubble of baby’.

Caring for a newborn, (now almost a toddler as he is walking) is a lot of time, sometimes lack of sleep, and those weeks after having a baby your mind is just not as sharp as it once was pre-baby.   Your focus is mainly on eating, sleeping, and managing the day-to-day to find the new normal.  My only goal over the past few months has been trying to focus on ‘being in the moment’ when I am with Owen.  I find (at times) I try to get to the next moment without consciously being in THIS moment.

Sleep. Ah, perchance to dream.

Sleep for me has actually been quite good over the whole year.  Around two months old, Owen started sleeping his night. I would put them to bed at 6:30 and he would wake up at 6:30 the next morning. This means that I had enough energy to do what I needed to do during the day.  I also had more time to be social because if he goes to bed at 6:30 that means I had some time to celebrate and relax with adults.

Don’t get me wrong there were some bumps in the road. He had a period of 2 weeks, here and there where his sleep was inconsistent, but luckily goes back to normal, and he sleeps soundly the majority of the time.   To all you parents who have children who do not sleep their nights, (sometimes for years I might add), I don’t envy you.  

Over the summer at four months he broke two teeth. It was a surprise for all of us as the timeline for getting first teeth is somewhere between seven and 10 months. He of course was exhibiting all the signs of new teeth drooling fussy, crying and wanting to chew anything and everything. 

Now at 9 months old he has 8 teeth, and even though I vowed to give up breastfeeding when this happened, things are still going strong.  (even with a few nips here and there…ouch). At a year, he breaking though more teeth, which makes for one wet shirt most of the day, but on a positive note, he is eating more solid foods rather than purees which makes food prep less.

He has a baby, and now as a young toddler exploring the world, is a very easy child. Perhaps it is because my other son was so active, and my limited experience with kids, I just thought this to be normal.   A lot of those mistakes you make with the first you can correct with the second.  I am happy to have my do-over.


During the summer, I walked pretty much every day, even if I was tired.  Weights were around four maybe five times a week.   The frequency of training was due to Owen being able to be in his stroller, and I could go and train.  However, now he is more mobile, so I cannot take him with me anymore.  I train when he sleeps, or if I have a babysitter.

In my last blog at around six weeks post pregnancy I was hanging out at around 145 pounds. I do weigh myself at least 4-5 x per week, if not daily.  I don’t get too stressed about days when the scale is up, as what I am looking for is a downward trend in my weight over the period of a week.

Over the fall, I continued to walk, and my weight training workouts actually when down to 3 days per week. Not what I would consider optimal to lose weight and see changes over a period of a week, however, I could only do what I could with the time that I had.  Generally, I was losing 1-2lbs per week, on good quality nutrition, 3x weight workouts (focussed workouts not distracted by other things…such as social media and socializing), and walking.

In December 2016, and I was hovering around 118 to 120lbs.  So another 20-25lbs I have lost since August 2016.  It is now March 2017 and I am holding steady around 117-120lbs. My next goal is to try to gain back all the muscle I have lost during the pregnancy.  To compete this body is not up to snuff, however, being in THIS body, a lighter, leaner and stronger body, to get through the day to day, I am exactly where I want to be.
I like the smaller version of me.

With my first, it took 15 months to get back to where I really felt like I was in a body that I wanted to be in.   This pregnancy I did not gain as much weight.  I gained 65lbs with the first, and only 35lbs with the second.

Ten years ago when I was crazy and thought I knew everything, I decided to do a fitness show with the routine seven months to the day after my son was born.

Yes I was insane. 

I did not bring my best to those shows, and I just needed (not wanted) to get out of the house and have my body back.  I have to add that the look of fitness competitors was not where it is now, and there was no bikini or figure invented yet. You had to look like an in shape fitness model, not be striated and ripped like some of the bikini competitors are sporting nowadays. 

This time around I’m not so selfish or as impatient. 

I have desire to get back on the stage but have no pressure to do it so soon.  Perhaps it is because the stakes are so much higher and the quality of competitor is that much more than it was 10 years ago. 

The attention to detail is meticulous nowadays when you want to compete.

I really need a good year to put back on all the muscle that I lost, build back up my strength, and really be a better version of myself t as it relates to competing that before I got pregnant for the second time.   However, the itch is strong to return to the stage, so I am not sure I can wait, a year to be under the lights again.  I am very inspired by what I see the current crop of fitness gals doing, and plus I just miss training for a show.  I actually enjoy the process.


I have been consistent the entire way through this post pregnancy period. Lots of salads, good quality carb sources, rice/potato, some lean proteins, and nuts, and cheeses.

I do ‘treat’ myself every now and again, but it is really infrequent.

This is due to two reasons:

  1. I am still breastfeeding and want to give my child the best possible start in life
  2. Most processed foods don’t make me feel well, and I suffer physically if I eat them.

As we age, things just don’t work as well as they used to.  My digestion is not able to handle high fat, high carb, foods, and therefore the suffering that happens after I eat them is just not worth it for me.  (…and others suffer as well…)

Brotherly Love

Zach is totally in love with his brother. I could not be more proud of him. Owen is totally in love with Zach. Whenever Zach is around, Owen smiles and laughs and is interested in whatever he’s doing, so I know they’re going to have a great relationship as they grow.

Having Owen has been healing for me as well.  Zach birth experience was not one to be remembers, and I felt cheated out of an experience that should be seen as a positive one.  Owen is exactly the experience I wanted to have.  I feel like I have gotten a do over, and can put the previous experience to bed, and accept what was, and now move forward from it.  It only took 10 years, but better late than never.

I now hold a different view of pregnancy, giving birth and the whole motherhood experience.  Being a parent is one of the THE most difficult things of my life. My friends seem to all be very good at it, and I use them as role models frequently.

AEPT Online Training

I have/had a bit of an issue with is being on maternity leave and trying to keep my business going. How do other mompreneurs do it?

I guess they just strap the baby to them, and keep moving forward.   It is a tough thing being a mom, and trying to grow your business. I am sure this topic can be explored through another post, but I have great issue trying to be at home for the kids as a mom, and still trying to grow as a person with my business.  I mean, I did not go to university for 6 years in order to be a stay at home mom.  

Luckily all my time away from the gym (~9 months) has been productive. I used the time to re-learn my website, research how to grow my business, and read a lot.

I have invested in an online training app, where all my clients who choose the online training option will have access to my app.
You can read more information here:

I have experienced moments of training guilt as my clients awaited my return and now my scheduled has changed, so I cannot say yes to everyone, and anyone, at anytime of the day.  

Currently I work in gym from 9am to 12pm Monday to Friday, and my online clients I can work on at anytime of the day.  

I love being in the gym, training my clients, and want to be there all day, everyday, however I have to realize that Owen and Zach are only young for so long, and I am trying to find the right balance for myself where I can be at home for them, when they need me, and still progress in my life, my business and have something for me.  I do want to step onstage again, as I know I am not done that side of me. I qualified for the Olympia once, so I know I can do it again, and this time actually GO and enjoy that moment.  It would be a strong regret if I did not at least try a couple more years.

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