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Day 9 : Excuses

Day 9: Excuses

Day 9 : Excuses

Some of the most popular reasons I have heard to avoid, training and eating well.  (even if you really want to)

  • I dont have time (most popular)
  • I am too busy at work/school
  • It costs too much to have a personal trainer/nutritionist
  • I’m sore
  • I’m sick/have a headache
  • I’m injured
  • I have many social events for my job so I have to eat/drink [insert food here]
  • I’m too busy with my kids to lose weight
  • My significant other eats poorly and I just can’t help myself
  • It’s raining outside

One hour of training is only 4% of your day.
SOME effort is always better than NONE.

YOU are your best investment.   A little guidance (by me) and some motivation go a long way to getting you on the path to a healthier, and stronger you.

Let me show you how as little as 3 hours a week (less than 1% of your time for the week), can bring about massive changes.

Time to get started!

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