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Day 13 : Life

Day 13 : Life

Day 13 : Life

Marriage, death, divorce, a new baby, new job, moving and many, many other significant events in your life can derail you from keeping up or achieving your fitness goals.
Smaller daily obligations or emergencies, can throw a wrench into your workout plans as well.

Examples but not limited too:
👨🏽‍💼Work gets overly busy
😷Kids get sick
👂🏼Friends need your support
👩🏽‍⚕️Family member needs your care
🏊🏻The house floods
🚘The car needs repairs
….+ many many more.

Some is always better than none.

A quick 20 minutes workout or even a walk, is enough to hold the line with your fitness goals, for you to get over the hump of busy-ness that we all experience at some point in our lives.

Then when it is less busy your fitness goals can once again, be at the forefront of your “to-do list”.

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