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Client Update: Catherine

📸Client Spotlight📣
Catherine came to me wanting to compete a bikini competition.
So we started her on that path 🚶‍♀️

She mainly worked out at home, until recently when we switched her to a🏋️‍♂️ gym.
(at a certain point you will need more weights/load on the bar to build muscle )

A few progress shots of her work in progress. (werk in progress?)

We were aiming for June, however, with heavy work schedule, life, family, stresses, we have decided to wait, a little longer w/o the stress of the show date.
(which I completely understand, as there are plenty of shows…no shortage…😉)

We will spend the next year building 🏋️‍♂️, getting stronger💪🏻, taking more time, a more relaxed pace to getting to the stage…however…on a side note…she is in her bikini/beach body now, and no rush trying to get ready for her ‘summer body 🌞 ‘, she is already HERE.

So even if you don’t make it the stage you can always:
1. wait longer (there are plenty of shows…)
2. be in a strong, shapely body in a little as a couple of months (this was over 7 months….)
3. learn an amazing amount of information about training & how nutrition affects your energies/physique

Feel free to leave Catherine  words of encouragment , like, or share.

My only goal is to get you to yours.

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