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Pregnancy Blog – Update 7

Week 35; Day 2
248 days down; 33 days to go

Well it is official. I am a cylinder.

For fun I took my measures – 38-38-38. Sure, there are dents other places to give my body shape, but for the most part I am measuring and feeling big. The lack of belly I had in the beginning now is making its way into the world full force. I seem to get bigger on a weekly basis.  The baby now gains about ½ lbs. per week from this point onward.

The baby is moving non-stop. I can feel feet, hands/arms, kicks, a butt that seems to push my right on my belly button. It is not officially an ‘outie’ but a blend of both innie, and outie which I term a flattie. Surprisingly, I still have obliques.

So far I have gained 30-35lbs. It is hard to report exactly as it all depends on my off-season weight which could be anywhere from 120lbs to 130lbs.   I am not overly concerned about my weight as I know it will all come off, but this amount of weight does slow me down.

When I sit everything gets compressed, and well, it is can be uncomfortable in the ribs/belly area if I sit too long. The hip pain, or just stiffness comes on as well if I sit too long. I try to move as much as I can, but with the hockey season in full force for my son, driving to away games, sitting at the games, (or alternating sitting/standing), and then driving home makes for a day of a lot of sitting, and not a lot of moving. Lying down seems to be the best remedy for any hip/rib pain, so that is exactly what I have been doing.

My Braxton hicks, I have to come find out are more like real contractions for me. When I move to quickly, walk too much, or am just puttering around the house, my belly reacts to this. So my fast paced, peppy walk has been replaced with a slow Sunday stroll with a mild pregnancy waddle. It is a huge adjustment for me, as I am used to moving at one speed – quick – and now I have to slow everything down.

Three weeks ago, around 32 weeks, I was at a routine doctor’s apt, and was telling her about my mild cramping, and frequent Braxton hicks (which I thought was normal) so she checked my cervix, and it was starting to dilate. She did not know if it was because I already had a child, or signs of pre-term labour.   She sounded concerned so we waited and week, and she checked again. The following week I was dilated 1.5 to 2cm, so she basically told me to stop working and rest.

Obviously I did not want to go into preterm labour and have a baby earlier than 37 weeks. So this step was necessary but hard none the less. I remember being pregnant with my son, and those teachers around me getting preventative leave for various reasons, yet, I could not for the life of me get preventative leave (even with the hip pain I experienced) and now I am basically getting preventative leave, and honestly I love my job so much that I don’t want it.

Funny how these things work?

I had not cut back on my schedule at all leading up the end of the pregnancy.   I had never done that with teaching, and with personal training I had probably added more clients, with the knowledge I would be off, so I was trying to do as much work as I could before going off.

Looking back I know what I needed to do, just doing it was not that easy. You see I am up 4-5x per night going to the bathroom, (as I am in that stage of the pregnancy), so my recovery is not very good if I have clients at 5am (as that means I am up at 4am).   This stresses my body out, and since I am not recovered due to the lack of sleep, my Braxton hicks are worse, more intense, and and like real contractions rather than false contractions.  I knew that I would have to back off of some of my clients, starting with the early am ones.  But I am used to pushing through when things get tough, so getting up early, even though I was tired, was not hard, as you just get used to it. However, my body responded negatively, and this time I have to put myself first.

With all of this transpiring, I cancelled ALL of my clients that day.

They however had another plan for me. Many got together and organized a surprise baby shower.  I had no idea and even when I arrived for the luncheon, I still did not clue in, even when I saw people I knew. It was an unexpected surprise and I was humbled by the most generous gesture.  I am so lucky to have these people in my life. My clients are truly the greatest, and I feel very blessed.

I still have much of my previous baby stuff, and over the last 2 weeks had plenty of time to sort through everything. I also had a friend load me up with clothing, and am forever grateful for her generosity.  It helps immensely.  Another friend even offered up some of her items.

The first thing that hits me is how small all the clothes are.  I don’t remember much of the first year with my son, as a new mom you are overwhelmed with so many things, that you are so focused on getting through the day.  I have been working through the listing of other things that a typical needs – stroller, crib, high chair, etc.   It is daunting on me how much stuff you actually need.  Wow.

I have been working like mad on the house, the baby’s room, my son’s room, and nesting like crazy.   Nesting meaning cleaning and organizing any and everything.  If it is at all messy, all I want to do it clean it.  It is not so much about what I am cleaning, but what I can I clean next.  I can clean, but everyone knows I am not the creative type when it comes to decorating my house.  Now, I seem to have the patience for it.   Most of my friends are very good at this Martha Stewart-type-house-decorating-redecorating thing.  Me, nah, if it is clean and functional generally I am happy.

I enjoyed my time resting, so during my next doctor’s visit, asked for clarification on what level ‘rest’ they are recommending.   This doctor (as I have 4 that I see) told me, “Yes,  you are dilated however that does not mean you cannot do your regular activities.”  So, I am back in the gym, (not at 5am) but still training clients. I will have a few appointments during the day,  and see how things play out.  My doctor just wants me to watch the Braxton hicks, and make sure I am well rested.

That I can do.

Currently here is how I am feeling day to day:

  • No appetite – and I get full very quickly.
  • Swollen at the end of day –I have sock lines on my ankles.
  • Winded climbing stairs, or moving too quickly. Sometimes even talking I lose my breath.
  • Clumsy – I bang into things, and drop things – frequently.
  • Frequently thirsty.
  • Bathroom trips are often.

Although I have fears about giving birth, I know that in order to:

1. Not be pregnant anymore and
2. To meet my baby (which I am super excited for)

I need (more like want) to get to the labour part.

Perhaps this means that I am ready for it to be ‘over’?

I am currently at 35 weeks, and have 2 more weeks to go to get to that 37 week mark in which if the baby is born, they would be considered full term. I am very excited to be at this point.
I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Ahhh.

Feel free to comment, or share.


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