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Are you my IDEAL client?

Are you my 🦄 IDEAL 👌 Online Coaching or In Gym Training CLIENT?

I have trained a number of individuals coaching them in gym and at home.

We look at a number of things such as:

  • Movement technique
  • Motivation (external) & Inspiration (internal)
  • Nutrition – all things related to food 🤤
  • Stage Prep, or Prepping for Stage Prep (pre-prep phase)
  • Build muscle
  • Get strong (including some pull-ups)
  • Prehab/Rehab ( injuries do happen, however, I like to focus on injury prevention)
  • Post Show Support – You don’t know you need it until you need it
  • FIND balance in an UNBALANCED world.

ONLINE COACHING has exploded over the past couple of years. I CAN understand why!

The convenience of a top quality coach, at your finger tips, all while receiving an individualized nutrition and training plan, that is in line with YOUR fitness goals.  Instead of trial and error your way to success, (as there could be a lot of detours) why not have someone in your back pocket who has the knowledge to help move you in the right direction?

I have worked with many individuals, but here are some of the bios of the most frequent clients I train:

✅ BEGINNERS  – I 💕 beginners!

✅ SKINNY GIRLS/GUYS – looking to gain muscle (and think you can’t —as your CAN), including a 🍑 #booty

✅ MOMS (hardest job in the world), who are trying to get reacquainted with their post-partum bodies, after having a baby (or multiple babies). This can include finding the time to train (scheduling), fat loss, muscle gain, strength gain, have more energy, and better quality sleep.

✅ PROFESSIONALS – trying to find time in their schedule for workouts, good quality nutrition, and have body goals – like fat loss, strength/muscle gain, and not spend hours in the gym.

✅ COMPETITION – Those looking to start competing, & want to step onstage (in the future or look like they could step onstage).
Getting starting on THAT pre-pre prep phase. The phase BEFORE the prep phase.
Let me teach you balance, before you go and get all unbalanced by competing.

✅ FAT LOSS – Those who are just not getting results, and NEED structure.
Whether it be fat loss or muscle gain, I can help design a personalized plan to get you to where you want to be.

✅ RESTARTS – Those looking to get back to the place where they felt most comfortable, and are fed up with gaining weight, losing weight rollercoaster.
I teach lifestyle habits, and coach the goal as well as MAINTENANCE.

See the online training packages I offer – click here.

Feel free to email me, through my, contact form through, or email

My ONLY goal is to get you to your GOAL.

I do both online and in gym training.  If you are local we can do both online, and a blend of in gym training with my new HYBRID training packages.

Allison Ethier is an personal trainer online & contest prep coach. She trains clients out of Excellence Fitness Facility in Quebec, Canada. With over 19 years of competitive experience in fitness, she specializes in fat loss, muscle gain, and coaching individuals to their personal life balance.

  • Fat loss, Muscle Gain
  • Contest Prep (or just look like you do)
  • Nutritional Guidance & Accountability
  • Mindset & Lifestyle

See further information on Services Page.

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