2010 New Beginnings – June 1

Hi Everyone-

There are so many good things going on, that I am not sure where to start.

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My friend and

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Anythign that you want to do in your life, has to be something you're 100% comfortable with, especially if you have to pay for it.

Anything you continue to do, must also be something you're 100% comfortable with, because if you have the chance to change something that isn't right, then it's better to do that, when it's really putting you under strong emotional and mental strain.

I know anyone that you help for whatever reason will be lucky, because you have a great heart, personality and a very human, passionate and empathetic way with others.

Keep going what you're doing and GOOD LUCK.

🙂 :-).



the link to that article came at just the right time for me! I have only just joined a gym this week and changed my diet to smaller but frequent well balanced meals only for my friends and collegues to pick up on it and tease me about the fact I was eating more than them. It made me feel bad and already I was looking at the celebrity magazine diets but thanks to your link I will carry on. In fact I feel more motivated now because I know I am right, and now I am motivated to prove it!


The link to that article came just at the right time. I just joined a gym this week and read your blog to inspire me. Already my friends are teasing me when I have my regular meals, they say I eat all the time so why do I bother exercising and generally make me feel bad. I was already starting to look into the celebrity diets they are all on. However, having read that article I will stick with my plan because I know I am right. Now I am even more motivated to prove my point to them. So thank you for leading me to it and continuing to be an inspiration to a complete beginner x

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