Strategies to Faster Fat Loss: Part 1

This time of year, the gym is hopping with newbies trying to get ready for summer.  Starting a ‘diet’ or trying to shed a few pounds anytime of the year is never an easy undertaking.   Getting started or re-started after a diet break, needs structure and a plan to effectively shed some ‘winter weight’.

There is a certain amount of uncomfortableness when adjusting your refreshed eating plan, but here are some strategies that I employ to get back on track fast.    For most, these stratgies will seem so simple, but as I realized over the years, ‘common sense’ is no longer common.  Small changes add up to big results.  You just have to keep implementing the strategies and stay the course.

      1. Set a goal – 5lbs in a month is reasonable.  50lbs in a month not so much.  Be realistic on what you can lose, and give yourself plenty of time to do it in.  1lb/week is the average weight loss per week – Average – some weeks you will lose 1lbs, some 1/2lbs, some none.  This is average weight lost over the entire dieting period.  Keep your goal realistic and you are less likely to become frustrated, and quit.  True weight loss or fat loss takes time.
      2. Set a deadline date – Dieting is so much easier in smaller chunks of time.  Give yourself 8-16 weeks to get to a certain date.  Mark it on the calendar, and count back how many days to get to the goal.  Even if you choose to keep going after that date, it helps make the timeline shorter, so mentally you have an exit point.   For this point in time, ie – 8 weeks, I will be doing this type of eating plan.  Use an app as a reminder to when you will end your diet.
      3. Purge your cupboards – Time to start tossing.  All the stuff that might tempt you – give it away, bring it to work, throw it out.  Don’t feel bad about it either.  Time to start fresh.   It will do your physique no good to eat the ‘leftovers’, and set you back a few steps.  Be proactive, get rid of it.
      4. Don’t buy those tempting foods – if you are likely to eat it, don’t buy it.  If there are others in the house that need those foods that tempt you don’t be around them when they eat it.
      5. Use smaller plates/containers – it is such a no brainer – want to eat less? Use a smaller plate, bowl, container etc. The food will appear bigger, subconsciously it will look like more.
      6. Cut the high calorie liquids – This includes any soda, juice, your favorite Starbucks latte in the morning, and alcohol.  Amazing how many calories can be consumed through liquids alone, especially alcohol.
      7. Water – Drink plenty of water through out the day.  You will feel less bloated, lighter, more alert, and better in your skin.

Tune in on Friday for another 7 ways to speed up your fat loss.

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Allison, your words ring so true. Easily put for new dieters to understand or even for old dieters to use as a motivater to start again if they’ve strayed. Thanks!
Francine 🙂

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