Squat Technique

Great series of videos posted on YouTube on proper squat technique and how to improve your squat technique.

As Harry Wong, an educator and author said, “Effective teachers steal!”   Teachers who beg, borrow, and steal good techniques are teachers whose students will achieve”.

This is a great ‘steal‘ to progress from a GOOD squat to GREAT squat technique.

Set up a video camera, or have a friend to video your squat technique.  Watch each one and see if you can recognize any of the errors in your own form.

They are extremely informative.


Squat RX #1
Issue:  Lower back rounding at the bottom of the squat.  How to maintain a lower back arc while squatting.

Squat RX #2
Issue:  Good morning movement out of the bottom of the squat.
Wide Stance Squats, Box Squats

Squat #3 
Part 1 – Engaging Glutes and Hamstrings – Exercises to engage glutes & hamstrings
Engaging Exercises: Leg Pull backs, Wide Stance Squats (weighted), Good Mornings, Single Leg Deadlifts, Bulgarian Split Squats,

Squat #3
Part 2 – Engaging the Glues and Hamstrings
Squats knees outward, Box Squats, Glues ham raise, Reverse Hyperextensions, Band Deadlifts, Quadruped Glute/ham raise, One leg plate slides, Devil Deadlifts (quick)

Squat #4
Bar placement and Squat Depth
High Bar, Low Bar  – Set up and lift off of the high bar position, Quarter Squat, Olympic Squat, Parallel Squat, and Selecting a bar.


More of these videos can be seen at: Johnny Mnemonic You Tube channel


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