Slimquick Razor –The Finale


[January 28, 2013]

After 8 fantastic years, it is with great pride and sadness that I will no longer be representing Slimquick Razor and its family of products.  Our relationship remains amicable, and I know that this transition is for the best.  Change is never easy, however, it [change] is necessary to attract other opportunities into your life.

Thank you to all in which I have come in contact with and others who have worked around my image and yet we never met.  I have been given the privilege to work with many talented people over the years.

Thank you to Brad & Derek for their unwavering & continuous support through my personal struggles, family events, and professional endeavours.

Sherry, Adam, Dom, and Nicole- Your constant contact, and patience over the years have kept me informed, organized, and on top of the ever changing industry.

Slimquick has been an amazing supporter and without them I would not have had the various opportunities presented to me, and for that I am extremely grateful.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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