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Boredom or emotional circumstances in our life – such as stress, family, and work, can lead us to eat when we are not physically hungry.

The Mayo Clinic writes an informative article on Emotional Eating.

There are a few situations that act as triggers to emotional or mindless eating. Two of the most popular are watching TV (which I have been known to do), and working at the computer.     Both are detrimental it is to your weight loss goals, not to mention your health.  (And VERY beneficial to developing a muffin top and getting crumbs all over the computer)

1- You are moving significantly less, and 2- Run the risk of putting your body into a caloric surplus.

First you need to make a rule not to be eating during these 2 activities.  If you do watch TV, or work on the computer, limit these activities to what is only necessary and then move on to something else.   These activities (and any others) you find yourself partaking in which contribute to poor lifestyle habits, need to be modified or replaced with more constructive activities.

Luckily, I have complied a list of things you could be doing with your time when establishing a lifestyle shift.  Plus the benefit of NEAT – Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis – in layman’s terms –> moving more. PubMed defines NEAT as – Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) is the energy expended for everything we do that is not sleeping, eating or sports-like exercise.

Along with diet modification – you need a shift in focus that includes keeping busy.  You need a distraction. You need a hobby.  You need to put your energy into something else besides putting food in your mouth.  You need to keep moving.

Here is a list of things that can help you shift your focus from food to something else.

  1. Purge your closet
  2. Purge/organize your dresser
  3. Iron clothes
  4. Do laundry
  5. Do the dishes – not the dishwasher
  6. Plant flowers
  7. Prep your meal plan for the week
  8. Do your nails
  9. Wash the windows of the house/car
  10. Organize your bookshelf
  11. Organize your photos
  12. Design a photobook online
  13. Phone your mother
  14. Phone a friend
  15. Write a letter
  16. Go for a walk
  17. Read a book
  18. Write thank you cards
  19. Research a vacation
  20. Go workout
  21. Read a magazine
  22. Research going back to school
  23. Visit a friend
  24. Start a book club
  25. Mow the lawn
  26. Weed the garden
  27. Get your hair done
  28. Make a dentist appt
  29. Get your nails done
  30. Research competing
  31. Clean out the fridge
  32. Shop for groceries
  33. Wash the car
  34. Brainstorm for a project at work
  35. Window shop
  36. Have coffee with a friend
  37. Play with your kids
  38. Play cards/board game
  39. Attend a festival
  40. Dust the entire house
  41. Download new music for your iPod
  42. Organize your phonebook
  43. Organize your music on your iPod
  44. Start a blog of your journey
  45. Journal
  46. Read the newspaper
  47. Sign up for a dance class/lesson
  48. Do the horizontal mambo
  49. Sign up to volunteer
  50. Tutor/mentor
  51. Scrapbook
  52. Clean the gutters
  53. Paint
  54. Have your pictures framed
  55. Coupon – find coupons online
  56. Play a video game
  57. Polish the silverware

Changing your dietary habits does not have to be viewed as a punishment or restriction.  You do need to be mentally ready to make this life change, and to make strategic eating part of your plan.   Keeping busy is one strategy to stay on track with your goals. You might be surprised on how much you actually accomplish when you shift your focus from food to something more productive and non food related.  You might be surprised on how much you accomplish in your life, and with your fitness goals.


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