Practice and Progression

I am here sitting at my son’s gymnastics practice watching him and all the other gymnasts doing their training and conditioning.

It fascinates me as it takes an enormous amount of time for them to learn and then perfect their skills. They are working in a split leap and I can hear my own thoughts as a child as I would be practicing, “when is this going to get easy”. I practiced a lot as I knew there would come a time when everything clicked and I could just “do” and the action would be unconscious. As I had done that move so many times it was ingrained in my muscles.

This is the same application of practice that you have to apply to your diet and your training when you are trying to get that “look” that so many people desire but never seem to get over the beginners hump.

The beginning you are highly motivated but then 3-4 days later some sinful food you cannot live without is calling your name. You cave and then you are left in a sea if guilt and having to start again.
You need to apply the same skills of practice and repetition until one day the process becomes automatic and a part if who you are.

The beginning is easy, the end is easy – the middle not so much.

How long will you stay in the middle? That depends.

Some learn quickly – others need more time and practice. More repetitions. Failure is part of the process.  Small successes need to be celebrated.  Each day is either a step toward the goal or a step away from the goal.

You are able to achieve your best shape but you do have to keep practicing and never, ever give up.


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