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No Shows/Cancellation Policy/Late Arrivals – In Gym Clients

As a business owner, I try to give a friendly reminder to each client of their scheduled appointments, most of which are schedule weeks in advance.   You, the client, are texted, emailed, or reminded in person of your scheduled sessions.  Most times these sessions are scheduled at regular intervals so they are easy to remember, and integrate into your daily schedule.  ie – every Monday/Wednesday we meet at 6am.  So you know that those 2 days (or whatever is decided) you will be training.

There are times when unforeseen issues arise such as sickness in children, flood, travel, accident of any kind, fire, and even the odd snowstorm or ice storm. I am VERY understanding when these situations occur.   In that case, we move/reschedule the appointment with no penalty.

However, there are times when an appointment is scheduled, and cancellations are made the day of or as little as 5 minutes before the start of the session.

Reasons I have heard to lateness in cancellation:

1. woke up late
2. forgot
3. failed to contact me the day before knowing they were not going to make it due to other obligations
4. don’t feel like it
5. got lost and could not find the gym (yes, this has happened a handful of times)
6. have to study/test
7. forgot to hit ‘send’ on Facebook, or text message

So to be fair to all my clients, a 24 hour cancellation notice must be given or you will be held responsible and charged for the session fee.

This session fee includes no shows.  Those who, make an appointment, but do not show up for the training session.

You are to contact me via email at contactallison@yahoo.ca or allisonethier@me.com or texting/phone call 819.212.2118.

If I am saying yes to you, that means I am saying ‘no’ to someone else. My time is very limited, and I want to optimize any and all time that I have with my clients. I run a very tight ship and attempt to provide the highest quality training to each and every client.

If you are frequent in your cancellations or no shows, it leaves a very poor impression, and makes it less likely to take you on as a client.

Thank you for your understanding,


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