LA here I come!

Hi Everyone-

It has been a while since I posted last. Mostly that is due to the start of the school year, and well not much happening in fitness since then. It was my off season, a time to allow my body to get back to its natural set point. I know I am back to ‘normal’ when I :

1. don’t feel the urge to binge eat
2. don’t gain any more weight

My set point is around 130lbs. Anymore than that and I start to feel aches and pains in my joints, and lower back. I train much heavier than I had in the past, so perhaps this type of workout (which I tended to stay away from), keeps me leaner in the off season. Lesson learned – don’t fear the weights!

My regular day time job continues to be a source of stress in my life; however my ‘new attitude’ that I am trying on seems to curb many negative thoughts on these ‘changes’. I am a high school math teacher, and there has been an overhaul in the Education system where I live over the past 10 years. Over the last 2 years the changes have been implemented with the current level of students that I teach – that is – grade 9, and 10. The changes are not easy to understand, and by rehashing all that is ‘the reform’, I don’t feel that this would be the best place to do that. However, I will say that I am handling the changes much better this year; enjoy my students much more; feel that I am teaching better; and like going to work every day. I only work 50% this year, as all those changes were affecting my family life – so I was able to cut back. So glad I did.

With that being said, the other half of my day is spent on fitness stuff. I do go to the gym in the morning – I love everything about the gym, the clanging of the weights, the sweaty guys grunting, the smell of the rubber floor….everything. I like being there. I am sure if my job was to be in the gym all the time I would not love it so much. Maybe it is the fact that I don’t have to be there, that I love it so much. I mean I compete, so going to the gym is apart of that.

But eventually, not sure when, I will start to train people. I am NSCA-CPT certified, so I might as well put it to good use, eh? Maybe I am a bit scared to train people. All these folks around me seem to know there stuff, and well, I feel a bit behind on the ‘why’ of things. I can tell them ‘how’, but not always ‘why’. And that is the part that I need to be able to explain to folk I train – the why. I am a teacher, so the ‘why’ is important. I am starting with my hubby, and a few friends, and will train them. That way I can get some courage to offer my services, to you out there, who so often request it. I am just not ready yet to charge someone for a service, and not be able to provide a quality service.

For now, someone is providing me a good quality training service – Erik Ledin of LeanBodiesConsulting (Shameless plug)

On to the fitness news – good news! I am off to Los Angeles next week for the Ironman/ Spokesmodel search – can you believe it?

Here is the story – I saw that was putting on a model search – the winner would receive a possible cover on Ironman magazine, and be at the booth for the Arnold and Olympia. I thought this to be very cool, so I entered. The amount of people who view your bodyspace profile online gave you votes.

Allison Ethier’s Bodyspace Profile

Round 2 was my first round. I did not end up being a finalists. So I thought to myself – how am I am going to get to the finals? I sent out more emails in one day than I had ever, hoping that everyone would view my profile and thus get me to be a finalist. To my surprise I was a finalist.
So there was 15 girls, and 15 guys by the end of the 3 round. To move on to the 4th and 5th rounds (in LA with travel provided by, you had to be selected by their team to move on. I was numb when I found out I was selected. I actually found out in that I was a finalist. Too cool. I was shaking.

Luckily – all worked out on my end that I would be able to attend this event. All the finalists – women who were selected will be attending. You can see a list of the finalists here – Finalists

So this Wed I am leaving for LA and am vying for that top spot. I would never discount any of my competitors as we all have an equal chance of being chose – 1 in 5. I am very honour, and humbled to be apart of this. I will make the most of this trip as many have changed their personal and work scheduled to accommodate mine. Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who voted for me. I appreciate all your support and persistence in voting. Thank you so much.

The Ironman was an unexpected event that I will be attending, however, I am in full preparation for the Arnold Amateur – cannot wait to be on stage again. I am 46 days to the Arnold. Although I am not peaking for the Ironman, I will be ready for the Arnold

Here are some pics of January 7nd:

From my perspective, I have put on some size in the off season. Now I just have to lean out. 46 more days to the Arnold….

I will update after the Ironman show, post some more progress pictures, and talk a bit more about my training/diet. For now, I want to leave you with one more image – my son – Zachary, running his truck in my posing session.

He is 2.5 now, very verbal, independent, and funny. He laughs at his own jokes.

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You’ll be fine training people, so you shouldn’t be worrying about it, just go with the flow, keep believing in your Head and Heart ot guide you, think about all you have achieved, and don’t let this seem bigger than it is.

It’s a positive move, and you’re ready and capable to deal with it.

Take care and best wishes.

🙂 :-).


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