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Don’t try to fix what’s not broken.

Getting started on a fitness program can be very confusing.  I get it.

There is so much information out there about what type of training plan to follow, what type of fat loss nutrition plan works best (HINT: there is no best one-size-fits all) and how quickly you’re going to get results.

One thing is for sure:  The “PERFECT” plan is the one that works for YOU.


If you are getting results you want on a certain training or nutrition strategy why are you trying to change it?  

IF (big if) things stop working, then and only then, you might want to modify or adjust your plan. And, I don’t mean drastically adjust your plan by throwing out what you’re currently doing and replacing it with something completely different.

MOST OFTEN, individuals are NOT implementing the plan at 100% compliance.

Through evaluation of what you are currently doing, you can see whether not you need to modify the plan or simply stick to it at a higher compliance rate.



There are so many nutritional options out there: Keto, Atkins, 21 day fix, Zone diet, Eat-Clean, and a host of others that you can google and get your hands on in a moments notice.

How do you know which one works for you?

The short answer: you don’t.

There are some nutritional plans that are better than others, BUT the reality of the situation is you just have to get started and see if it works for you. Same applies to the various training systems that are out there.

The point is:  you have to get started.  The perfect plan does not exist, and waiting to make sure the variables are all correct, will bring you no closer to your goal.  Then you have to stick with something for at least 6 to 8 weeks to see if it actually works.  And if it actually works, you like it, its fun, motivating, and you are seeing results – don’t change it!

I can guarantee only frustration and more confusion you will feel if you jump around from program-to-program, diet strategy to diet strategy, week to week.

Individuals BELIEVE in order to keep changes happening, or make the process happen QUICKER, they need to do something drastic. This is very far from the truth.  Small changes, bring big results.

Work your program. Work your nutrition. Have patience. Repeat frequently. Monitor, and track, and make small adjustments if necessary.

And again, if it is working don’t change it.

If you need help finding the right FIT for you, contact me, and we can get you started on a plan that WORKS FOR YOU.

Allison Ethier is an online trainer and contest prep coach. She also trains clients early am at Excellence Fitness Facility in Quebec, Canada. With over 16 years of competitive experience in fitness, she specializes in fat loss, muscle gain, and guiding individuals to their perfect body.

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