Fitness/Figure Posing Suit & Costumes – FOR SALE!

The time has come for me to sell my posing suits, and costumes.

I have posted all suits, and costumes to sell on facebook, and will embed the post here.

If you are a first time competitor buying slightly used suits/costumes is a great way to save money on your competition experience .  The costumes are excellent for fitness routines and/or fitness model events that have a theme wear round.  The good news is that for the fitness competitor they they been designed and tested for movement.  If you are a fitness competitor, jumping and moving around, the costumes stay in place.  I also have the music to go with each routine, and if you are interested, feel free to email me.

Straps have been sewn with extra material, so that if needed, you can lengthen or shorten the sizing to fit your physique.

Most of the suits/costumes have only been worn once.

Although I would like to hold on to many of them for nostalgia reasons, I have upgrades my physique from low fat boobies, to full fat, and they just don’t fit anymore. 🙂 (the tops anyways…)

My size to see if suit will fit you: (but generally we fit types are a similar size when in shape)

Contest weight: 110lbs-125lbs
For you depending on your shape it could be as low as 100lbs or as high as 130lbs.
Height 5’4″
Bust: 34B (off season) however, I padded the tops with 2-3 extra pads so the top can ‘fill out’. So I would estimate a small/medium C.
Waist: 27-28″
Hips: 37-38″
I take (took) small/medium in tops, and pants are in the 4-8 size range, depending on brand.
For example Lululemon tops and bottoms are generally a size 6.  I can fit into a 2-4 when in contest shape.
My weight has varied over the years when competing but all the suits still fit me whether I am 115lbs or 125lbs.

Details on Purchasing:
Removable padding is included for the tops. (I would triple pad my tops for the swimsuit round)
The straps are hand sewn, so they can be adjusted as needed.
The swimsuit bottoms are a little longer (slightly) for the hip, so they do not create that top hip fat bulge from suit bottoms with too tight/too short elastic.
All prices are firm as these are top quality suits.
Costumes are sold with all pieces. I cannot break up the costume and sell individual pieces
Shipping prices are included in the cost of the suit.
Payment can be made by etransfer, or through paypal.
Prices are in Canadian Funds.
Once payment is received the suit will be shipped.

If you are interested email me: or send a message through facebook, so that we can work out the details.

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