Arnold Classic WrapUp & Beyond

Hi Everyone-

I have been away for the past 2 weeks. I decided to take a quick vacation home to Moncton, NB, where most of

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Yes youy did elucidate your feelings properly.

I personally feel you might have had a music or timing issue that wasn't your problem, but in reality you just have to take those things on the chin.

If you really feel you didn't
cause your own problem then you have nothing reproach yourself for from an athletic perspective.

I've been supporting you for around 6+ years now. Apart from one time you messed up a backflip or somersault I believe, in a show you came about 3rd in, any mistakes you've generally made, seem to be slight posing issues or something like that, which I've observed from your recollections of events.

The main thing is not to be cross with yourself. I had a guy teaching me to drive years ago, who asked why when I made mistakes I didn't get cross and I said it makes things worse, you dwell on them, instead of putting them behind you.

When I screw up I know why most of the time, so I don't need people giving me grief for it, I learn from it hopfully :-p, then move on.

Although I'll admit I tend to get hacked off with myself for little things sometimes, like a couple of ropey reps on an exercise, or something like that. Maybe it's an instinctive reaction, but certain things I have to stop and analyse, I'm more likely to rationalise as a learn and move on thing, probably as they're infrequent mistakes anyway, so infrequent mistakes won't annoy you as much as little more frequent ones.

You have always given 100%, but you're Human Allison, don't forget that. It's a very, very wonderful and beautiful kind of human, as being truly human should be.

The Heart, the personality and the human qualities are such that you make being a human look effortless and for all the things you are and all the things you have acheived as a person a Mother and an athlete, you can be truly proud.

This is a situation you have to just look at and concede. You can't change it, but you can learn from it and just go into the next show, with a positive mindset and no regrets about the Arnold.

I know you cna do that and I know you will do that. As ever you can see what a beautiful work art you are when you "present" and what a wonderful inspiration and female rolemodel you are.

You're a truly motivational talent and sometimes I think you do over analyse a bit or become a little harsh on yourself. I'm being honest because you deserve that and because it might just have a positive effect on the way you think or look at situations.

The main thing is to do in life what makes you happy and do what you need to to feel like that is still and will continue to be the case.

GOOD LUCK as always in everything you do. You've undoubtedly made so many people consider the way they live and brought a lot of happiness to people you have touched along the way.

I think you can have no better accolades than those whatever you achieve on a stage.

🙂 :-).


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