500g of skinless boneless chicken breast cut into strips

Old El Paso Whole Grain Tortillas

1 package reduced sodium fajitas seasoning

3 cup peppers – red, orange, green, yellow

1 small onion

Shredded cheese (optional)


1 tsp olive oil


  1. Slice chicken breasts evenly into strips
  2. Cook with 1 tsp of olive oil until no longer pink
  3. Add whole package of seasoning, onions, peppers, and ¼ cup of water
  4. Simmer on low until desired tenderness – about 12-15mins.
  5. Warm tortillas according to package in microwave or oven.


For you: One Tortilla with ¼ of mixture

For Family:  serve with cooked rice.


Total Nutrition Information (per 1/4 of mixture + one tortillas)

Calories Protein Carbs Fat Fiber
369 42.5 31 7.7 2.7


+ Salsa (2TBSP) Presidents Choice Medium Salsa

Calories Protein Carbs Fat Fiber
10 0.3 2 0 0


+ 1/3 cup shredded reduce fat cheese

Calories Protein Carbs Fat Fiber
90 7 1 6 0



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