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Costs of Competing

Cost of Competition

When I began competing in 1998, there was only 2 divisions, bodybuilding, and fitness. So you either had a lot of muscle, or a little bit of muscle and had to do the routine. Figure, models divisions, bikini were not even invented yet.  The costs associated with competed were low, as compared to the costs needed now to set foot on the stage.  It is extremely competitive even at the local first timer shows. Girls are coming in looking experienced even if it is their first show.

Competing, like any other hobby costs money.   I remember my first suit cost me around $60.00 for a two piece, bodyglove suit, that I sewed sequins on to make it more ‘flashy’. AT the time I was a student in university and I thought that was a lot of money for a two piece.

Early Competition
The suit cost $60. X10 for suits nowadays.

If you are looking to compete you need to estimate how much money you are willing to invest in a show. There is not only a time investment, but there is a huge monetary investment as well.

I have written

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