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Client Update – Sophie – 2 year transformation

🚨KUDOS is in order to my #legend ⭐ client – Sophie who has had a massive 2 year transformation.

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Sophie, #FITMOM of 2 young children, professional, working full time, commuter, errands, appointments, massive life challenges, roadblocks and limitations,  made it happen.

She was pregnant in December of 2016, gave birth in July of 2017, and now we are here, 17 months later, and this is the result.

She is real proof, that with a little hard work, the right plan, and time, you can get THERE.  Look 👁  at her, 📷 the photos tell the whole story.

🔐 Success:

  • Get a plan that fits into your lifestyle
  • Implement the plan
  • Check-in weekly for support, guidance and adjustments
  • Keep moving in the forward direction.

💻 Distance online coaching might be the right fit for you.


❓Would you like to:

✅ Understand nutrition
💪🏻 Feel empowered by your training & food choices
🦅 Be free of guilt, and pressure to eat (especially this time 🎄 of  year)

My ONLY goal is to get you to YOURS. 


  • She is training 3-4x per week, some weeks, due to LIFE, she has 1x training.
  • Most of her cardio was walking.  Yup, just walking.
  • Currently, eating ~ 220g of carbs per day, and in her ‘dieting’ phase, she ate chocolate every 2 days.
  • She now maintains a sleek body, ~125lbs, and is looking forward to step onstage in April.

Her transformation is beyond incredible and I am so proud, that I have been on this journey with her. We are not finished yet as she has now set another goal of stepping onstage, in April of 2019.

Make sure you come back for updates, as this one is going to be A-MAH-ZING!

If you are looking to step onstage, (or just look like you do), let's make that GOAL a REALITY.

You CAN do this!

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