Elastic Resistance Bands for Workout by DS Dog

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  • ⭐ YOUR CHOICE: #3 GREEN – 11 to 36 Kilograms (28.6mm *4.5mm) – Stronger and more resistant than bands 1 and 2, these can be utilized in exercises for calves and hamstrings or any other lower body exercise with tough and high force inputs. They are ideal for assisted pull ups, strict or kipping.
  • ⭐ 5 LEVELS OF RESISTANCE: DS DOG provides you with 5 heavy duty exercise bands each one featuring a different level of resistance Light Medium Heavy Extra Heavy to cover all your different needs. As you get stronger you can change levels of resistance using a heavier one. Ideal for knees legs ankles hands and more. Single unit per order.
  • ⭐ UNMATCHED QUALITY: Made of exclusively 100% natural latex imported from Thailand, and after thorough quality control, life tests and water content make sure that the quality of these pull up bands won’t let you down. Unlike most cheaply made bands, these amazing fitness bands will not break or weaken, no matter how long you use them!
  • ⭐ VERSATILE RESISTANCE BANDS: These fitness bands can be your best friend when working out at home or gym, while thanks to their portable design you may even use them for outdoor exercising, helping you increase strength and flexibility. Note also that these bands work great as physical therapy exercise bands, to help you deal with muscle soreness, pain, discomfort while promoting faster injury rehabilitation.
  • ⭐ PERFECT FOR ANY KIND OF EXERCISE: The DS DOG elastic pull up bands are perfect for toning up your core abs, legs, arms, chest, back or more and strengthening your weak muscles everywhere, fast and easy. This value pack is a must have sports accessory for bodybuilding, power lifting, Crossfit, Pilates, yoga and so much more.


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