Paige Coates

Paige Coates

Paige is a very responsible, motivated mom at the tender age of 22.  A few years earlier, she had done her ‘chocolate milk’ diet to get herself down to a very low weight prior to getting pregnant with her son.  Although her method worked, it was not a diet that was manageable (or healthy) over the long haul. While most young adults of her age are out partying, she decided to get back on track with her health, and to lose her post pregnancy weight in a more balanced and sustainable manner.

Paige was able to find the balance in her school life, family life, still be able to prepare her meals, meals for her family,  and commute 45 minutes each way to train 4x per week.

Her commitment to the goal is what has brought her so much success in 4 months.

You can read her own story below.



After giving birth to my son, I gained over 50 pounds. I was upset with myself, not even wanting to leave the house not even take pictures with my son. I was embarrassed of what I looked like and what I thought about myself. Every day was a struggle, getting up not having anything that fit. Sweaters became my best friend. At Christmas there were a lot of family pictures that were being taken and when I saw what I looked like, I became depressed crying every day about what I looked like. I thought all the time about how I was going to do something about it, but I didn’t have the push I needed.

When Allison posted on Facebook looking for someone to be personally trained by her. I thought about what a miracle it would be if that was me and decided, what do I got to lose. I wrote to her, sent her picture and got it! I can’t even being to describe how I felt when I got the news. As I started training I thought wow, am I going to be able to do this. Allison kept me going. She gave me the exact push I needed. When I would be sitting at home craving something, I would get an email that kept me right on tract. Oh how I love those emails and still honestly read them often. The training was fun, hard but she kept it interesting. She was easy to talk to just like a good friend. Allison gave me all I needed for my diet and even made me a diet program based on what I liked.

As the training continued the better and better I felt about myself. Today the training is finished, its been a whole month. I have not falling into old habits. Allison placed me in the right direction to being healthy and I guess you could say helped me find my confidence that I had lost. I have lost 25 pounds. I am proud of what I look like and who I am. If it wasn’t for Allison I would not have felt the sun on my skin this year. I even went out and bought a bathing suit that I love and love the way I look in it. I am finally looking forward to the water slides, lots of pictures with my son and most of all being able to enjoy every moment of life. I am happy.  I want to say thank you but even that wouldn’t describe how grateful I am to have had the experience I did with Allison. You are an amazing personal trainer, a great friend and definitely a good teacher! You changed my life! Thank you.

Paige Coates

Paige Coates
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Day 26
Paige Coates
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