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Client Updates: April 2018

Every week, I like to highlight the amazing things my clients are doing.  Fat loss is always at the top of the priority list, however, you cannot deny, getting in good quality workouts, feeling strong, having lots of energy, and those other qualified measures, that are so often over looked.

Here are some of the GREAT things I facebooked about my clients progress this week:


🚨 Amazing week at AllisonEthier.com!

So proud of my #clients this week, that I have to share the highlights!

🍴 I have had digestive issues with this for such a long time.. since childhood. So it is just amazing that I’m finally regular, I feel so much healthier. I’d like to thank you for doing all this for me.
🙌🏻People are making comments that I’m “getting skinny” :-). All my jeans slip on easy now!
🔋I have more energy, my morale is better and I feel lighter. Better sleep – I wake up once during the night instead of several times.
🚰Moins gonflé en fin de journée
🥅I did 8 neutral chins today, and dips at the end for a change today…did 12, 10, 8…happy!

I design the program to fit your lifestyle, and needs (not just wants). I give tough love when required, and find (and eliminate) those limiting factors holding you back.

📲 Message me and let’s see if I we are a good fit for each other.

“My only goal is to get you to yours”


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