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Check In Form

👉Fill out the information required in the check in form. 💪🏻This form is best submitted once per week, to help keep your goals fresh in your mind. ➡️If you are filling out for two weeks, you will have to submit the form twice. One week is for a 7 day period. It could be a Sunday to a Saturday, OR Monday to Sunday - whatever your 'week' is considered.

i.e. March 22-28

i.e. March 22-28 (whatever the 7 days period you are reporting for)

If positive what did you do? If negative, what did you do?

You are welcome to list more...point form is okay.

Enter fruits separated by commas.

Enter fruits separated by commas.

Enter veggies separated by commas.

Enter veggies separated by commas.


Skipped Meal (Did not eat your meal)
Changed Meal (Ate foods that were not assigned to you. This does not include SUBSTITUTIONS)
Followed Meal (Your meal eaten as specified by plan, again DOES not include SUBSTITUTIONS)
N/A (Does not apply to you.)

Compliance Chart

List exactly what you ate for your free meal.

Daily Water Intake (In Liters Per Day)

Training Reflection

Check off the days of the week you performed MY ASSIGNED TRAININGS

Do you feel stronger/weaker, weight increased/decreased, repetition changes, new personal best/personal records (PRs)

Cardio Work

Cardio work per day, and amounts

Days you did cardio, the type (machine, outside walk etc) & the time ie, elliptical, 25 mins

Put 0 if no cardio was performed that day

other cardio not assigned by me
ie, group trainings, bootcamps, HIIT, pole fitness, TaeKwonDo, yoga Activities that you spontaneously took part in.

Nutrition Reflection

Please list them, and the amounts if you know.

General Feedback

For instance, clothes fitting better, healthier looking, bloated/less bloated, easier to move around in your daily life?


Every two weeks, your measures are due. If you did not do them, last week, you have to update this week.