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Chrissy Teigen went to dinner – Yawn…

There’s a lot of talk about Chrissy Teigen going out to dinner with her husband about a week after having her second child. 

I really couldn’t care less what celebrities did with their bodies or whether not they left their children for whatever reason,  I just had a baby five weeks ago and so this issue resonates with me.

The Photo, and comments that started it all via – @thacelebriteanews 


The uproar they report (or you can read the comments on Instagram to get an idea) is the fact that she left her child a week after giving birth to go out to have dinner with her husband.  That she was being selfish, and should have been with her newborn 24-7.

I think the real reason people are giving her the gears about this is she looks amazing a week after having a baby.  Haters going to hate, and moms are especially critical to other moms.  May I remind everyone that she is a model after all, and looking great this soon post birth is not surprising.  She has genetics that 99.9% of us which they had.  Heck, it is my job to be in shape, as a personal trainer, and this is not something I could even accomplish and I am 5 weeks post birth.

It is pure jealousy (or envy to put a positive spin) that other regular everyday mothers have towards the stars who can seem to defy what should be normal post birth sufferance.   That being –  staying home, showering optional, getting very little sleep, having pains in places you did not even realize could get pain, and wondering when and if you can get back to some image of the self you used to be.  There is a reason they say, “9 month in, 9 month out”, or “100 days of darkness.”   For those that these rules do not apply, we love to HATE those women, especially in this day and age of social media.

Sure, she probably has a glam squad, a well trained and referenced nanny or babysitter and lots of support around her in order to be able to do these special things.  This ‘special something’ as mundane as going out to dinner with her husband.  I have to admit that dinner out with my husband would be considered a luxury. Getting my hair and make-up done would be a luxury.  Putting on any of my pre-pregnancy clothes that did not make me feel like a wrapped sausage would be amazing.  But I am not privy to those things (or generally interested in them right now), and well, going out in public a week to 10 days after giving birth was the last thing I wanted to do.  But that is just me.  Her going out to dinner reflects nothing on me, but somehow many women have a major issue with it.   

Putting yourself first, including your relationship with your husband is an amazingly good thing. It does not make you a bad parent because you wanted to do something a little more adult and a little less kid-centric, a week after having a child (her second by the way), or by any other timeline.  Recovery from birth not only includes the physical but mental health as well.  Getting out of the house, actually getting dressed (not just showed), and putting on some makeup can make you feel better about yourself, and make this whole transition into parenting much easier to find your new normal as a couple now with child ahem children.

Maybe it was John Legends idea to go out to dinner, as he remembered the most popular and truthful saying, “happy wife happy life”.  😉


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