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5 Great TIPS (that need to be shared) to have a SUCCESSFUL Contest Prep

5 AWESOME TIPS (to be shared) to have a SUCCESSFUL contest prep.


My challenges, back in the day, are no longer the challenges of those who choose to step on stage today.    The bodies are harder, leaner, more muscular, and there are oodles of divisions, shows with hundreds (perhaps even thousands?) of competitors, and a variety federations.

Back then, no one had a coach, however, today, everyone has at least 1-3 coaches.

Social media can make you a star, and you don’t need to step on stage to get ‘noticed’ anymore.  It used to be a means to get noticed, and ultimately published in magazines.   Nowadays, all you need is a camera, good posing/lighting, and a big personality, and you too, can become an ‘influencer’, just for looking good—stepping onstage required.

If being in front of a crowd, lined up against your competitor, under glare of the stage lights, is on your bucket list, there are certain aspects of the contest prep that should be mentioned.

Here are 5 of the most awesome tips (to be shared), to ensure a SUCCESSFUL contest prep.

Competing is the reward; not a punishment. Click To Tweet



I often have trouble asking for help, and well, I need to get over myself. If you are anything like me (which I believe we are more alike than different), I have learned the hard way, that I CANNOT do it all.

Family, friends, spouse, daycare, can and want to support you in your journey. LET them help you, and be apart of your journey with you.

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🔐 Make sure you are specific about what your needs are, and how they can help you.  They are not 🔮mind readers, and cannot guess.


2️⃣ CUT BACK ON EXTRA PROJECTS/SAY NO (if only for the prep phase)

Don’t build a house, move cities, get married/divorce, change jobs, take on extra projects, volunteer at your child’s school, fundraise, be on a number of committees, while doing a contest prep.

You’re nuts.  🥜

In the beginning you might think you can handle it all, but at the end when you are tired, emotional (you will be emotional at times), and short on patience, you will be thankful you have some ‘buffer’ time to spare.

You cannot do it all; all at the same time.

During a contest prep you have time for work, family, some friends, and your training – which includes nutrition.  That is about it.

You are investing a lot of time, and money into this venture, so going at it with an empty tank as all your personal energies are spent elsewhere is a bad idea.

🔐 If you are competing, clear up your schedule to make room for training and recovery.  You will thank me later.



If you are having a ‘hangry’ day, remember it is all in your head, no one around you wants to be the bearer of your dieting emotions.  You will be dealing with a number of things, staying organized is one, and keeping your emotions in check is another.

🔐 Count to 10 in your head, and fake it. How are others in your life going to support your journey, if you are short with them?

Tell yourself, this moment will pass, and remind yourself, even if minute by minute why you are doing this. Competing is supposed to be the reward, not a punishment.



Competing and lifestyle changes are massively repetitive, groundhog day-ish, and sometimes boring.

You are too far away to see results, and not close enough to see the end in sight. You need to prepare yourself mentally each week, to do better.  Each week, you should focus on the tasks at hand, food prep, scheduling, training times, posing, meal planning, grocery shopping, and working hard, each and every workout.

Mindset is key during this phase, especially the 12 to 3 weeks out from the show – as it is more of a #grind (positive focus) or #grind (negative) focus.

Some days will be awesome, and other days you will ask, “why did I show up today”.  Either way, the work needs to get done, and you are the only person who can do it.

🔐 Focus on progress, getting better, and knowing you did you best each day.



Use external rewards to keep you on track. Get new headphones, an outfit, cool shoes, more equipment, better supplements, or even a solid training partner.

You can JUSTIFY any purchase to help motivate you during those tough times.

Willpower can be strengthened, but sometimes you need an extra push.

🔐 Contact your coach, and let them know what you are struggles.  If they are a great coach, they will help guide you in the 👉right direction.



We are all looking to do the same thing, look better, feel better, gain more confidence, and be the best version of ourselves.

Competing should be an empowering, insightful, and informative journey, into being a better you on step at a time.

If anything here speaks to you, feel free to 📝 comment, like or share with a friend.

Allison Ethier is online trainer & contest prep coach.
She trains clients out of Excellence Fitness Facility in Quebec, Canada.
With 20 years of contest prep and athletic fitness, she specializes in fat loss, muscle gain, and coaching individuals to their personal life balance.
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