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St Louis Pro- Wrap up

Mar 26, 2012   //   by Allison Ethier   //   Blog, MyCompetitionBlog  //  No Comments

Hi Everyone-

Here I am at the end of my competition marathon - at least for a while. I did not know if I would be able to accomplish 3 shows in 6 weeks,  but I managed.  My third show in St. Louis was my best showing.  Luckily, overall I never felt overly tired during this prep.

I have to thank my husband for prepping some of my food and my clients for being understanding during the process.  Thank you to Slimquick Razor for continuing to support my fitness endeavours and help me to achieve my best for each show.

How did I do?
4 th in St. Louis. I got me a carrot, and some points.  Thank you to J Zubire for my makeup, and I tried a new tanning product as the host spray tanning team was Liquid Sun Rays.

Very pleased with the result of the show.  You can see the full score card here.

I did not know where I was going for this show until I stepped on the plane.  Luckily they have those world maps in the 'seat back pocket in front of you' on the plane.
Luck was on my side as the flight to St. Louis was uneventful, and I even had a whole row to myself.

The hotel itself was amazing, grocery store across the street, the gym was a full sized gym in the hotel and a 24 hr coffee (speciality coffee) shop just up the street.

A competitor could not ask for any better amenities.  The event was well run, and Jack and Ann Titone did an excellent job of putting the event together.

I decided to have some roomies this trip.   I am usually alone and wanted some company.  Kayde Puckett and Sara Hurrle were my partners in crime most if the weekend.

Although the show was small the talent was fierce. Met some new competitors over the weekend , and watched the women's physique show get quite a bit of attention. Much like bikini when it started, any new division has its growing pains. The standard 'look' is being sorted out and my roomie Sara was the look they were going for in St. Louis. In an interesting side note fellow fitness pro Michelle Blank, decided to do womens physique at the last minute as she was injured. She ended up taking second.

One thing that I found odd was the stage. The judges and audience are usually a distance away from the stage area. Meaning there is a gap or space so that you dont feel like you are in top of the judges. However this show the judges were about an arms length away from the performance of the competitors. During some moves I could basically reach out and touch them. I thought it would be weird, but I actually liked it as I am able to draw the audience in with me and take them on the journey.

New York Pro was similar to this. The audience and judges being tight to the competitors.

In the house was Tamee Marie - my fabulous suit designer, and the Champ herself Adela Garcia.



I even made the banner for the week. Thank you Sioux.  You can click on the link to see the play by play.

In recent news:  The IFBB updated the Olympia qualifications to include a points system. You can see the full breakdown of that here.

If you are already qualified you don't get any points. How if you place in the 2-5 spots you get points. Those top 5 girls at the end of the season who have the highest points will also qualify for the Olympia.  So for this weekend  - good news -->I got me some points<--.

Saturday night, myself and Sara decided to go to dinner and then pack it in for the night. I did have to get my flight in the morning and really just did not want to be too tired upon returning to work in Monday.

Sunday we decided to get up and workout. It felt so good to get in a training before catching my flight home.

Before I left for the airport I saw the beginnings of the Sunday brunch. I did not attend but as you can see it probably would not have been in line with my goals.

Up next is probably the Toronto Pro. I cannot attend the May show in Pittsburg as it is my son's birthday that weekend. He will be 6.

I am excited to be back in full training mode. I am welcoming the break (last week) but this week plan to get back on track and see how I can change things up for T. I love Toronto in the spring early summer and last year was a wonderful time. I live in the country so visiting the city - downtown area- where you can walk everywhere is a nice change.

It is 66 days till I leave for the Toronto Pro.
But whose counting...


Other photos of the weekend:  I had brought my camera case, but no camera.

IFBB Flex Pro Prep – 58 days

Dec 21, 2011   //   by Allison Ethier   //   Blog, MyCompetitionBlog  //  2 Comments

Hi Everyone-

Training is going really well.  I am taking the time this year to really focus on every exercise, every movement, every rep, rather than being done with my training so that I can hurry up and move on to the next moment.  I tend to rush things rather than living in the moment.  Take some time for myself, and really just 'be'.

Last week I got in all my trainings, 4 days, plus 2 routine practices.  The second routine practice was not great but sometimes you go in and just have to punch the clock.  I wanted to go to the gym earlier in the day, however, errands, and the holiday spirit kept me from doing that.  By the time I got there in the late afternoon - the gym was not even open. Found out there was a campus wide blackout for the day.  I practice my routine at one facility (the university in my town) and do my weight training at the gym in which I work.  So I had to come to my gym for the routine practice.  It had a great aerobic room, however, it is not very private. It can be difficult at times to ignore what is going on around you in order to be in touch with your creativity.  I was not have a super creative day on Sunday, and felt as though my time was wasted.    I was very frustrated at myself as I left, as I mull over the little details of my routine.  That is just me.  I will spent 20-30 mins just finding the right moves for a 4-count.  To say exactly what I think the routine should say.

Eventually when I let go, and just let the routine come to me,  it appears.  I love when this happens.  To allow myself to let go in order for the information to be received is the toughest part. I am learning to access this quicker as I practice that side of my creativity.  Forcing the routine never goes well for me.  The result is never genuine.   And usually the judges can see right though that and score accordingly.

Diet has been surprisingly good. I am not having any cravings.  I eat, I wait, I eat.   Not much else.  On the weekends, I usually go a bit crazy and just tell myself, "it will be ok".  Well you know what?  It is never ok, and when you are preparing for a show the mental part is the biggest obstacle.  I want to be a contender not just a participant in these events.

Here are this week pictures. Significant differences can be seen once you change into a regular stage suit - vs a regular bikini or just a sports bra and shorts.










I still have work to do, but things are moving.

Routine is about 90% done. This week I plan again to get in 4 trainings and hopefully one solid routine practice. My gym has some limited hours, but I will be in on Christmas.  Yes --Christmas.

If you read last weeks blog - click here - wearing a suit when doing your pictures gives a visual image of what the judges will be seeing on the day of the show.  The suit that I am wearing is from Tamee Marie. Choosing the right suit to fit your body is key.  The choice of cut/style of suit for your body is essential, with color following right behind.

So how do you find a suit?  Perhaps a video might help.  What is the process?  How much should I be spending?

Any other questions concerning suits - send questions here -  I will answer then in a video blog.

(insert video here)

Until next week,