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Video Blog for RxGirl – 03

Jan 16, 2012   //   by Allison Ethier   //   Blog, MyCompetitionBlog  //  No Comments

Here is my short but sweet 3rd installment.

Competing is not just about me.  I have a family to take care of, and yes, I do have a job - I go to work everyday.

Weekends are filled with what other parents do - events, socials, sports, playing and various other activities.  I do have a child who is very active and takes after his mom.  (but of course)

Updates on the video will be weekly.   Video and editing keep me quite busy, which is excellent when you are in the throws of competition prep.

Success on a diet = being really busy. It helps.


Wrap Up – 2011 Toronto Pro Supershow

Jun 23, 2011   //   by Allison Ethier   //   Blog, MyCompetitionBlog  //  No Comments

Hi Everyone-

Back from the Toronto Pro Supershow - their first ever event.  I was very pleased with my results - 12th out of 14.  However, you can never get too upset as on any other day it might have all been different.

Prepping for this show as a challenge for me, as dieting in the summer is never easy.  Just because I know what to do to get ready for a show, does not make 'doing it' any easier.

I did not follow my normal plan as I would have - taking progress pics, watching and verifying my macros, or training consistently. I am building my personal training business and sometimes my own needs came second, or third on the list of things to do.  When you are competing at this level leaving things to chance is not a good idea, as everyone who shows up usually brings their A game.    Although I felt my routine presentation was ok, and my physique was a little on the softer side - I thought that my overall showing was satisfactory.  However with that being said - there are times when I thought I was in shape, and did very poorly and other times when I thought I was not in shape and did very well ? So you just never know, as there are so many variables that go in to the results of a show that trying to guess can just drive you nuts.  I was happy with what I did - and that is all that truly matters.

You can see pictures of the event at :
Muscle Insider
Flex Online
...and here is a video for a piece of my routine

I am one of 20-25 girls who regularly compete at the IFBB Pro Fitness level.  There are not many of us.  We are very loyal, and compete 2-4 times per year.  With the reduction in shows for IFBB Pro Fitness the same girls usually end up going to most if not all the shows, and the Arnold and/or the Olympia (if qualified).  I am extremely proud to be hanging out with the 'big dogs'.  They all inspire me greatly.  I feel a sense of pride whenever I do compete with such a talented group of women. They are all 'super fierce', and have some serious skillz!

For 2011, my competitive season is over - as I will be occupied with some other events during the time of the Fort Lauderdale Pro in October.

Outside of the show I was able to meet with my mentor - Erik Ledin, shoot with Oxygen Magazine once again (I never get tired of doing the shoots - love them), and meet with the uber cool Slimquick Razor Team.

I hung with fellow IFBBer - Sherry Boudreau who has been a friend since I can remember - and I know this is why I continue to compete - having such good great friends in the industry who are able to balance a competitive life with a home life (kids, family, husband etc).  She is a great role model for other women - and she has 4 kids!

Amazing.  And I thought I had a difficult time with just one child.  ;)

After the show on Friday I did what most do after a show - eat!  However, this time I did not feel that I needed to binge eat.  Most post show are filled with a few days of overeating, but this time I felt ok.  I did not have this urge to eat everything, and keep eating even if I was full and not even hungry.  I am more willing to listen to my internal cues about eating, and only eat when I am hungry.  I don't like the side effects of overeating - feeling overly full, nauseous, hot (a rise in temperature), and bloated.

The food will always be there, so I don't have to eat it all today.

I will be posting some pics on my facebook fanpage -

Over the summer I will be moving over most of the information from my personal page to my fanpage - so there will be just one Allison Ethier.  With facebook only allowing 5000 friends - it seems only logical to start a fanpage.

I hope you can stop by and 'like' the page.

For now I will be trying some new training styles, taking a bit of a break from the diet (but not too much), updating my website, blogging about various topics, and updating my facebook page more regularly.

Would love to hear from you - is the best way to get ahold of me - facebook takes a bit longer.

Talk soon,