Online Training:

Online Training is an affordable way to keep on top of your fitness goals, on your own schedule.  It is a great option for those who are looking to have a solid training plan, continuous support and accountability, and track their nutrition, on the go.    Even if you are new to the gym or working out, if you are able to learn from videos, online training might be the right option for you.




New to is a training app where all your workouts, nutrition plans and body measures are tracked through the app and/or online.

All programs are designed by me, specifically for you.

What you receive when you sign up for Online Training:

App – Ios/Android
On Demand Training
Log your Training in the App
Personalized Nutrition
Food Swap Database
Daily Tracking and Monitoring
Constant Support & Encouragement
Immediate Feedback
Progress Photo Updates
Print Version
Online Videos & Timer
Technical Support
Biweekly Check-Ins

If you live in the area or in a different country, online training is a great way to stay on track of your goals, and I will be there for you every step of the way.


Step 1:  Contact me to me to set up a phone call to get started.

Step 2:  Register at

Step 3:  Fill out my health history & lifestyle form, which includes background on training and nutrition.

Step 4: Turn around time is 12-24 hours to receive your program.

Step 5: Implement Plan!

Step 6: Fill out online Check in form, every two weeks (that is twice month).  That way we can keep you on track to your goals!

Contact me and we can get you started right away.



In Gym Training  – One on One OR Small Group


Weight training is an essential element in increasing strength, stamina, and endurance, change your body shape and increase your metabolism.

What ever your goals – lose body fat, gain muscle, or just become a stronger version of you, I can help guide, and teach you how to train effectively, efficiently, and safely. Together, we will develop your toolbox of knowledge, so you feel confident, and not intimidated by the gym atmosphere.

Our training sessions will be productive, and you will learn not only various exercises, but how to train.   Other aspects we will go over in the gym include: types of exercises, reps and sets, instruction on technique and possible variations and mobility, cardiovascular work, and stretching.



Step 1: Contact me to set up an appointment.

Step 2:  Arrive at the appointment, dressed ready to train.

We will go over your health history, personal training and nutrition background, lifestyle, and goal assessment. I will take you through a movement assessment to see where you are on your training journey – beginner, intermediate, advanced.
We will then set up a series of training sessions.

Step 3: Arrive next session on time, water bottle, towel in hand and ready to get SWEATY!


Note:  I train clients from around the Sherbrooke, Qc area, who hold memberships at other gyms.  It is possible for us to work together, even if you do not have a membership at Excellence Fitness.

My rates are separate from Excellence Fitness membership.



Individualized Meal Plans

Regular, Vegetarian, Vegan or Sports Specific

Diet is defined by dictionary  as “habitual nourishment”.  Frequently,  we ‘nourish’ ourselves too much, and pay little attention to our internal cues to eat – emotional hunger can overwhelm us and lead us down a path in which we no longer recognize ourselves in the mirror.

When it comes to losing body fat, or get insanely lean, gain muscle, or prepare for a marathon, proper nutrition is essential to achieve your goals.

Based on your food preferences,  I will create a personalized nutrition plan.  I will tell you when to eat, which foods are best to achieve your goals, and amounts.  Your diet will be designed based on your current eating habits, lifestyle, fitness goals, time restrictions and commitment level.


I will do all the thinking for you, so all you have to do is implement the plan.


Step 1: Contact me to set up an appointment.  Our appointment can either by phone or in person.

Step 2: Register on

Step 3: Fill out my online client questionnaire, health history form, lifestyle assessment, and include a 3-day dietary recall.

Step 4: There is a 12-24 hour turn around time on all plans.  Plan can be either emailed to you, or through my online training app.

Step 5:  Implement Plan!


Stage Presentation

Fitness, Figure, & Bikini Presentation Classes

Your posing/presentation on stage is essential in displaying your hard earned physique.

It can determine if you are SEEN by the judges or completely ignored.

Presentations styles offered included fitness, figure, fitness model and bikini categories for Canadian Bodybuilding Federation (CBBF), Association des Physiques Quebecois (APQ), International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB), Serious About Fitness (SAF), and Physique Canada (PC), International Drug Free Athletics (IDFA).

I will instruct you on the introductory presentation, quarter turns, and callouts.  We will work with your body to determine how to hold your body best, to show off your assets, and hide your flaws.

Other topics we can discuss for your contest preparations:

  • ‘selling to the judges’ and audience
  • finding your presentation style
  • confidence & attitude
  • suit selection & resources
  • hair & makeup recommendations
  • shoes
  • tanning

I am available for private one on one, and group posing sessions.


Step 1: Contact me to set up an appointment.

Step 2: During our session, wear shorts, and tank top/sports bra, or your posing suit.  Bring your clear heels with you every session.

Feel free to video, or take photos as needed to help with your practice sessions.


Contest Prep/Photoshoot Prep

Prep for bikini, figure, fitness, or photoshoot

With over 70+ shows to my resume, I have gained and lost over 900lbs over a 17-year period.  With two kids over the last 10 years, being in the industry since I was the young age of 20, I can appreciate how the body changes, with age, and after children.  I have made a career out of losing bodyfat, and learning how to keep it off.

Whether it be for a photoshoot, or stepping on stage, let me guide you to the more balanced way to get lean, and teach you how to manage the post show period.

As this type of training is much more involved, I coach only a handful of clients for this type of physique goal.

Contact me
for rates and availability.