IFBB Flex Pro Prep – 13 days

Feb 6, 2012   //   by Allison Ethier   //   Blog, MyCompetitionBlog  //  2 Comments

Hi Everyone-

Here are we are - 2 weeks out from the Flex Pro, and then 4 weeks from the Arnold Classic Fitness International. I tend to count down to the day that I leave for the event than the actual event. So in this case, the Flex Pro is 9 days away as I leave a few days before to make my way out to California and get acclimated.

Things this past week were as busy as ever. My work has been going smoothly and is keeping me on my toes. My days are full, and I enjoy every minute of it. I have been taking the time to prepare properly for these shows this year, and I feel it has made the process much easier. Having more time makes the process less stressful and allows for your body to make the changes, rather than trying to force the body.  I realize that it is not necessary to be ready for a show early, but since I was not in super shape last year (as compared to other years) I wanted to ensure that I had enough time.

Here are some pics from last week: Some are blurry. I guess I did not realize at the time they were taken.

I love training. It is my time when there are not enough hours in the days to get everything I would like done ---done.

This week I trained - 4 days with 2 routine practices. I have not deviated much from this schedule since the beginning of prep. It works. I enjoy my workouts. I recover well.

Routine is going great. I am toying with the idea of posting my routine before the show. I do have it taped but there is no music. I was practicing in the gym.

You can see parts if the practice here.

Things I love seeing when I get leaner --> the indent in the side of the hip.  I have friends who love 'veins' so that when they pop out you know you are lean.  When you start to see results you need to go with that, and be inspired by that to help you keep going.

This prep I tried my darnest to stay somewhat 'normal'. There were times in my past when I would avoid social situations, but refuse to do that anymore.  I attend as  many events as I am invited to, social night with the girls, and dinners over a friend's house.  I am the best guest - the host never has to worry about me.  They don't have to worry about if the food is to my liking as I bring my food, (and drink) to an event during prep.

This week I have a few loose ends to tie up before I being travel.  My costume and music need a few 'tweaks' before I leave.   I also need to have a routine practice in my costume.

Until next week,





  • Thank you Allison for the inspiration on staying on track with your meal plans- and not refusing to go to gatherings during your prep. It’s always a pleasure seeing you getting ready for a big show. Not sure if you remember me but you were my judge back in 2006 in Toronto.

    I’m actually doing the $100,000 body transformation with bodybuilding.com and I’ve been avoiding some things but you made me realize that I don’t really have to do that. Thanks!

    Look forward to your big day! Have a fantastic week ahead!

    • Hi Erika-
      Great to hear about your transformation. The Bodybuilding.com contest is a great ‘extra’ motivator to stay on track knowing you are going to have to submit pics. Hope to hear more about your journey. Feel free to post here or on my facebook page.
      Make every training a great training

      Thank you for stopping by,

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